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SDS MVAsist Interface (Mack & Volvo Trucks)

Business/Dealer Management Systems (BDMS), SERTI

Company Name:

SERTI Dealership System


Solution Description:

Bi-directional service estimate SDS interface for Mack & Volvo Trucks.

Features & Benefits:

Save precious time avoiding double key in of the estimate made in Decisiv to the Work Order created in SDS. Key features:

  • Parts price & availability check
  • Credit Check
  • Export Case (Decisiv) to Create Repair Order (SDS) with operation details (ie: parts unit price total, labor time, labor total, comments and notes)
  • Parts integration added to Case in SDS
  • Auto Close (Decisiv close status updated by SDS)

About the Company:

SERTI offers a DMS that fulfills the current and future needs of dealerships, across North America!

Contact Info:

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