Solution Description:

Receive, store, and distribute invoice information among service ecosystem partners and event participants, providing other systems with accurate and more usable data for invoice processing, payments, and financial analysis.

Case: Provider Management Components

Case Management

Automate asset maintenance and repair processes from check-in to check out through the Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform.

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Collaboration and Notification

Users are provided in-context asset and service information at the point of service. All participants have access to relevant information about the asset based on a user’s function and role.

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Mobile Tech

Service providers and call centers can dispatch mobile technicians for remote service and provide a clear estimate of a technician’s time of arrival to the breakdown location.

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Service Provider Search

Search for service providers based on type of services provided, location, distance, hours of service or by using preferred provider networks.

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Service Requests

Asset owners and call centers are able to send electronic service requests to any service provider. Fleet notes can be provided so the dealer has critical information about the fleet’s standard maintenance, repair, or business practice.

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Vendor Management

Asset owners and call centers are able to manage and maintain vendor/service provider profiles based on the hours of operations and services offered.

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